That ended well.

River Phoenix (23/08/1970 - 31/10/1993)
I am forever weeping and forever covered in pigeons.No one sees me, though.
The picture I’m holding is me after my first haircut. I took the lady a picture of Jonathan Knight from New Kids on the Block and told her that’s the cut I wanted. Bitch failed.
My best and only friend in this town went to court-ordered rehab a few months ago. I sent her packages of drawings and letters and stickers and stupid shit that I knew would make her smile. A few weeks ago, she left rehab, went to court, and failed a drug test. The last time I spoke to her was April 3rd. A couple days ago, I dropped by her house to say hi on my way home from work. Her sister opened the door, and told me she’s gone. She packed a bag in the middle of the night, and left without saying goodbye to anyone. Llama, if you’re reading this, please let me know you’re safe. A few months of jail may sound awful, but a lifetime of running is going to be so much worse.